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Established in 2014 as SMJ Controls, Al Manaseeb Contracting Company is an independent automation systems integrator specializing in enhancing real-time information visibility for manufacturing and processing companies in the Middle East.

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We are an independent automation systems integrator, dedicated to increasing the visibility of real-time information to improve the performance..

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We are one of the successful industrial automation service provider. Our Engineers are very friendly, goal oriented and qualified professionals.

Project Title :- Al Fadhili Site development

Description: Supply, Installation, Development, Testing & Commissioning of PLC/LCP Panels and Field Instruments for Lifting Stations, SAPMT Camp, GSF Facility, Fuel Station.

End User :- Saudi Aramco
Main Contractor :- Al Muhaidib

Project Title:- Shuqaiq Steam powerplant Security Lighting

Description: Complete Design & Supply of 100KVA Substation packages for Security Lighting Including 8 KM Perimeter and Gate Houses.

End User :- Saudi Electricity Company (Sec)
Main Contractor :- Hyundai Heavy Industries & Unitec Korea

Project Title:- Instruments Integration for SEC

Description : Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of New Rosemount /Emerson Wireless Tranmsitters , Instrument Ss Tubing Work At Makkah Power Plant Gas Turbines ( 6 Numbers Of Gt’s).

End User :- Saudi Electricity Company (Sec)
Main Contractor :- Yba Kanoo Dammam

Project Title:- Air Droplets Separator At Sabic Ibb Plant To Dry The Condensated Ammonia Steam Process.

Description : The Air Droplets Separator at SABIC Ibb Plant is a specialized system designed to effectively dry the condensated ammonia steam generated during the industrial process. This innovative solution efficiently separates air droplets from the steam, ensuring the purity and quality of the ammonia.

End User :- Sabic Ibb
Main Contractor :- Yba Kanoo Jubail

Project Title:- Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of New Ge Make Hydrocarbon Detectors 

description : Vmonitor(Rockwell Automation) Wireless Sensors ,Vmonitor (Rockwell Automation) Rtu’s At Swcc
Ras Al-Khair Disalination Plant Sea Water Intake Channel ( Offshore Work ).

End User :- Swcc
Main Contractor :- Doosan

Project Title :- Upgrade of LIW Feeder System, SABIC Petrokemya
Description: Replacement of Acrision Control system for Loss In Way feeder at SABIC

End User :- SABIC Petrokemya
Main Contractor :- Saudi Salwa

Project Title :- Energy Tranfer Station (ETS) at Al Rashid Mall, Al-Khobar,
Description: Supply, Installtion, Testing & Commissioning of ETS Syatem
End User :- Al Rashid Trading & Contracting Co., Al Riyadh

Project Title :- Testing & Commissioning of Hydrogen Generator System,
Description : Testing & Commissioning of Hydrogen Generator Schneider PLC/HMI System,
Instruments, Callibration, Loop Checking and Establishment of Communication Between DCS and
Hydrogen Generator PLC’s

End User :- SEC Gazlan Power Plant
Main Contractor :- Kanoo Engergy, Dammam

Project Title :- Installation of Wireless Hydrocarbon Detectors / RTU Panels at SWCC,
Description : Installation of Wireless Hydrocarbon Detectors / RTU Panels at SWCC Desalination plant seawater intake pumps channels at Ras-Al Khair Site.

End User :- SWCC Ras-Al Khair Power and Desalination Plant.
Main Contractor :- Saudi Archidron

Project Title :- Supply And Installation Of Chiller Control System,
End User :- Rashid S. Al Rashid Hotel, Al Hofuf

Project Title :- Supply & Installation of complete ETS system (Energy Transfer system)

Description : includes design,
piping, electrical Instrumentation &Control system, (Schnieder PLC’s, HMI’s and instrumentation),
Fiber optic communication between main District cooling plant control room to ETS control panel,
and BMS system.


Project Title :- Outside plant services(OSP) Fiber optic installation work

Description :  from Haradh GOSP#3 to TCF#4, exacavation, HDD, trenching, cable pulling OTDR, Splicng

End User :- Saudi ARAMCO (AI Haradh)

Project Title :- Instllation, Splicing, Termination and Testting of Fiber Optic Cable for FTTH

End User :- SABIC (Mutrafiah)

Project Title :- New emuslion plant process automation, including design, supply, installation of field
instrumentation, PLC/SCADA automation
End User :- Industrial Chemical Resins Company

Project Title :- Replacement of 5 Stage Hydrogenation Heater (825 kW) and Control Panel, Testing &

End User :- SABIC (jubail)

Project Title :- Supply and Installation of Electrical System for new Workshop

End User :- Arabian Rocknits & Drilling Tool Col Ltd (HALIBURTON)

Project Title :- Replacement of Furnace & Stack Monitoring Cameras
End User :- Saudi Electricity Company

Project Title :- Supply, Testing & Commissioning of Security Systems
End User :- FEEDCO Dammam

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    By leveraging our automation solutions, your business can experience streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, improved quality, optimized resource utilization, and increased operational excellence. We provide customized solutions to address your specific challenges and goals.

    Absolutely. We understand the importance of seamless integration with existing infrastructure and systems. Our team has expertise in integrating automation solutions with various technologies and platforms to ensure compatibility and interoperability.

    Yes, we provide ongoing support to our clients even after project completion. Our team is available to address any concerns, provide training, and offer assistance to ensure your automation systems’ continued success and performance.

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